Excerpt from Out on Tuesday Series One 1989

Out on Tuesday and OUT were multiple item programmes broadcast in a 1 hour slot on Channel 4. The first series of Out on Tuesday started at 11.00pm on Tuesday 14 February 1989. The success of this series led to a shift to a 9.00pm slot the following year.

Out on Tuesday screened in 1989 and 1990. The overall packaging of the programmes and production of many of the items was the work of Abseil Productions in association with Fulcrum. The Series Producers were Claire Bevan and Susan Ardill, Series Editor was Mandy Merck and Executive Producer Christopher Hird. In addition to the items produced by Abseil there were films directly commissioned by Channel 4.

Each Out on Tuesday programme was presented by a well-known gay man or lesbian; presenters included Paul Gambaccini, Audre Lourde, Richard Coles, Parker & Klein, Julian Clary, Beatrix Campbell, Ian McKellen, Pat Arrowsmith, Simon Fanshawe.

The series became simply OUT in 1991. The programmes were no longer introduced by presenters and the series was packaged with graphic links instead. The packaging was created by Richard Kwietniowski. All the items in the programmes were directly commissioned by Channel 4. A huge range of filmmakers, producers, researchers, camera and sound crew, editors and many other roles were involved in creating all five series of Out on Tuesday and OUT. The majority of these were lesbians and gay men. These are just a few of them – Pratibha Parmar, Stuart Marshall, Melanie Chait, Isaac Julien, Emma Hindley, Constantine Giannaris, Rebecca Dobbs, Rosalind Haber, Cheryl Farthing, Penny Ashbrook, Richard Kwietniowski, Jayne Egerton, Bronwen Evans, Rupert Gabriel, Jacquie Lawrence, Lucinda Broadbent, Maya Chowdhry, Helen Littleboy, Chris Woods, Lizzie Thynne, Suzanne Nield, Rosalind Pearson, Phil Woodward, Frances Dickenson, Caz Gorham.